“Deadpool” Creator Pushing For Cable Franchise

Deadpool Creator Pushing For Cable Franchise

Beloved Marvel time-travelling mutant character Cable made his live-action debut in “Deadpool 2” last year, the role played by Josh Brolin who scored great reviews for his work.

Of course Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox has left the future of the “Deadpool” franchise in a semi-limbo and raised uncertainty over whether Brolin will reprise the role in a future film.

Today, “Deadpool” creator Rob Liefeld has issued a lengthy post on Instagram, calling out Marvel Studios and asking them to launch a solo franchise based on the character sooner rather than later. Liefeld also says he’s spoken to Brolin on numerous occasions about his passion to go deeper into the complexities of the character. Here’s the full post:

“Watching Josh Brolin bring Cable to life was an obvious thrill, not just for me but for millions of fans that have followed his debut since New Mutants #87. Cable is the face of two blockbuster franchises at Marvel, his own best selling line over the past 28 years and the record-shattering X-Force.

I get asked repeatedly about when we will see Josh as Cable again, and my hope is that Marvel Studios will launch one of their favorite sons, Josh, as well as one of their most popular characters into a solo franchise much sooner than later. As a character Cable has outsold any comic book by Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Black Widow, The Eternals, even Iron Man.

The character has lined the toy aisles for 28 years, non-stop. The character, as part of the Deadpool universe, made it safely across and into the Disney fold. He’s a time traveler to boot, ripe for expanded tales of his rich history. And longtime fans are aware of the unique opportunities that fulfilling the extent of role presents.

I’ve spoken on numerous occasions to Josh about his passion to go deeper into the complexities of CABLE. If there is any doubt about wether he’s game to play Cable again, just ask him. Plus, he’s told me he’s going to get even more ‘jacked’ and swole for his next outing!”

In the wake of the acquisition, executives at Disney have scrapped several of the proposed “X-Men” spin-off films but have made assurances that their plans for “Deadpool” are far from over and that character will return. However none have mentioned Cable so far.