Why Dark Horizons?

Founded in January 1997, Dark Horizons is not only one of the world’s top sources for online entertainment news, but one of the most widely respected and well regarded with experience in this medium that few can match.

With a focus squarely on the industry rather than celebrity gossip, and a predilection for genre fare, the site has amassed a very large and intensely loyal readership over the years including corporate professionals, early adopters, influential industry insiders, marketing & PR departments, and film and tech journalists to make it one of the ‘stickiest’ sites on the web.

Over 90% of readership comes from direct surfing to the URL, bookmarks or article recommendations via e-mail and social media networks (most notably Facebook and Twitter). This is a much higher percentage than the 70-75% that most other sites in this field boast.

That large percentile also gives the site an extremely stable, consistent and highly self-aware readership that not only visits the site to keep up on the latest news, but are highly responsive to well-targeted advertising.

Said readership is matched only by its internal industry reputation as one of the most fair, balanced and objective sites in this field, one that avoids the hyperbole of over editorialising.

It also delivers the news with a voice of authority and experience thanks to its editor Garth Franklin who has blazed the trail in the online publishing field since the Internet’s early days back in the mid-1990’s.

What ads are available?

Dark Horizons offers a variety of competitively priced CPM advertising zones on the site along with the availability of premium-priced custom campaigns that can be fitted to suit whatever needs may arise. Examples of previous custom campaigns include Site Stunts, Siteskins, Page Peels, Roll Ups, Mobile Pushdowns, Video Banners, Animated Siteskins, Soundboards and Expandable Sliders.

Dark Horizons will work with you to develop a custom media plan with geo-targeting, age, gender, income, and more. Custom integrations and creative campaigns are available. We also understand that sometimes there is a desire for something more than just a straight up ad campaign buy, so we offer a variety of direct sponsorship options. We’re also keen on hearing and discussing any custom ideas you might have.

Where do I need to go to learn more or submit a potential campaign?

All enquiries about advertising on Dark Horizons can be made through the Contact Us form.