Zygons Return For “Doctor Who” Special

The BBC has confirmed that the Zygons are returning to “Doctor Who” for the show’s upcoming 50th anniversary special.

After initially running away from old school ‘Who’ mythology to some respect, showrunner Steven Moffat seems to have had a change of heart and embraced the idea of updating some of the classic villains.

Along with the already seen return of the Second Doctor baddie ‘The Great Intelligence’ (the consciousness behind the Yetis) as the season’s “big bad”, the Saturday after next sees the return of the Ice Warriors who terrorized the second and third Doctor.

Now, Moffat is bringing back the shape-shifting Zygons. The characters only ever appeared in one classic serial – the Fourth Doctor’s “Terror of the Zygons” – yet they remain one of the most memorable and beloved of the old school ‘Who’ villains.

The special is rumored to be a 90-minute affair with “Gavin & Stacey” star Joanna Page also joining the cast. Shooting kicks off this week ahead of an airing in November.