Zootopia Is Second Biggest Original Film

If there’s one story about the movie box-office this year so far, it’s that you might be surprised by just how much of a hit a moderate budget film can be.

Fox’s “Deadpool” has become the biggest R-rated movie of all time with an astonishing $763.2 million worldwide, but even it has fallen under the shadow of a movie for which there was little pre-release expectation – “Zootopia”.

The Disney animated feature has been able to translate its stellar reviews into something remarkable – it has now taken over “The Lion King” to become the second biggest original movie in box office history, behind only James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

The film has earned a whopping $991.8 million worldwide so far, a number that should hopefully cross the $1 billion mark before it hits home video markets around the world in the next few weeks. That makes it the second biggest film of 2016 as well behind only “Captain America: Civil War” with $1.1 billion, and the fourth-biggest animated movie of all time behind only “Toy Story 3,” “Minions” and “Frozen”.

“Zootopia” will be available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD formats in the United States from June 7th.