Zimmer Talks Tight “Interstellar” Secrecy

How top-secret is Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic “Interstellar”? So secret in fact that many working on it aren’t entirely sure what to expect.

Long time collaborator Hans Zimmer, who has worked with Nolan on all of his films since “Batman Begins,” has one of the most integral jobs on the film – composing the film’s score. He’s one of the most crucial members of the crew.

Speaking with British GQ (via WDEF), Zimmer says even he wasn’t allowed to see a copy of the script before beginning work on the project:

“All I will say is this: before I began, last January, Chris said to me, ‘Hans, I will write one page of text for you. And you will give me just one day. Just write whatever comes to you from this one single page.’

It (the page) wasn’t about the film… in a peculiar way, what Chris wrote down that day, and what he wanted from me, had more to do with my story than the plot of the movie. He knows how to get under my skin. That’s the game we play.”