Zimmer On Dark Knight Score

Composer Hans Zimmer tells NDTV Music that he briefly considered chucking the entire score for the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight” out after Heath Ledger’s death.

Zimmer says “I, for a moment, was thinking, ‘Oh my god, I should throw out all the music I’ve written for The Joker and just start over again,’ which is just exactly the wrong thing to do. To honour his (Ledger) performance, I had to stick to my guns.”

“The music has to portray the philosophy of anarchy that The Joker displays in the face of Batman’s valour. I couldn’t soften the music or compromise the evil he projects because Heath really did give such a tremendous performance. If I had taken my eye off the ball, if I had been sentimental, if I had done anything like that, it would really have not served him.