Zetumer Penning Berg’s Dune Remake

Josh Zetumer (“The Infiltrator,” “Villain”) is in negotiations to pen the latest incarnation of the sci-fi epic “Dune” for Paramount Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

Frank Herbert’s immensely popular award-winning novel series deals with a futuristic struggle between two powerful business-centric ‘Houses’ for control of precious ‘spice’, a substance found on only one planet which serves as the fuel for all interstellar travel.

Along the way Paul Atredies, the heir to the current house in charge of this desert planet called Arrakis who comes to learn that he may be the messianic saviour of the indigenous population.

Peter Berg (“Hancock,” “The Kingdom”) is attached to direct the new version but no-one is sure what form it will take. The property was previously translated into a financially and critically disastrous 1984 film by David Lynch, and a well-received Sci-Fi Channel miniseries in 2000.