Zendaya Is Mary Jane Watson In “Spider-Man”?

When her casting was announced, all we know of Zendaya’s role in the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was that she would be playing a potential love interest for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) named Michele.

Turns out that the character she’s playing may be someone more familiar – Peter’s perennial love interest Mary Jane Watson. The Wrap broke the news about the nature of the actress and singer’s role in the film which they verified through several sources, but have yet to get confirmation by the studio.

Watson was previously played by Kirsten Dunst in the Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” trilogy, while Shailene Woodley was to have played the role in “The Amazing Spider-Man” films before her brief scenes were cut.

Sony and Marvel are still in production on “Spider-Man: Homecoming” which will score a release on July 7th 2017.