Zemeckis NOT Doing “Oz” Remake *Updated*

Update (11/18): The Wrap has knocked down the rumours, a rep for the director saying the report is “completely untrue”.

Original (11/17): Yet another take on the Oz franchise, this time a straight forward remake of “The Wizard of Oz”, is moving forward at Warner Bros. Pictures reports Deadline.

Robert Zemeckis (“The Polar Express,” “What Lies Beneath”) is in talks to direct the live-action film which will be based on the script for the 1939 MGM film classic rather than the original L. Frank Baum story. This is being done as Warners owns the rights to the film’s screenplay.

The film would be in direct competition with several other projects based on the classic literary property, most notably Disney’s planned prequel tale “Oz: The Great and Powerful” which Sam Raimi is attached to direct.