Zemeckis Drops “Replay” For “Flight”

Robert Zemeckis has dropped out of the drama “Replay” at Warner Bros. Pictures reports Deadline.

Based on the bestselling 1987 novel by Ken Grimwood, the story follows a forty-something radio journalist who dies of a heart attack in 1988, but re-awakens back in 1963 in his eighteen-year-old body with all his memories intact.

He soon finds himself living the same cycle over and over, each time he has the ability to make a new set of choices, resulting in different spouses, progeny, and jobs. Jason Smilovic adapted the script.

Zemeckis’ departure isn’t a big surprise as he’s moving on with his Denzel Washington-led Paramount thriller “Flight”. John Gatins’ script centers on a commercial airline pilot (Denzel Washington) whose plane malfunctions.

He saves the day with some heroic flying and is instantly hailed as a hero, but as an investigation into the cause determine he was flying under the influence of drugs and alcohol.