Zak Penn Talks Young X-Men Project

Frequent “X-Men” scribe Zak Penn has revealed to Cinematical that he was originally signed on to write and direct a “young X-Men film,” but that’s recently changed.

Says Penn, “The original idea was to have me do a young X-Men spin-off, a spin-off of the young X-Men characters. But someone came up with a pretty interesting idea which I can’t discuss. I was pretty taken by it, as was the studio. I have to give him credit, it was this guy who worked… a lot with me on X3. He came up with how to do a young X-Men movie which is not what you’d expect. We’ll see.”

He adds “I still have to talk to Fox, set the story down … and then it will take a year — maybe two years — to get together. Put it this way, if you agree to do one of the X-Men movies, it could end up happening four or five years down the line. Which is fine with me; it’s just not my focus right now.”