Zaillian Plans A Tom Ripley TV Series

Zaillian Plans A Tom Ripley Tv Series

Oscar-winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian (“Schindler’s List,” “Moneyball”) is spearheading a TV series focusing on Patricia Highsmith’s crime novel series protagonist Tom Ripley.

Zaillian will reportedly use all five novels written by Highsmith – “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Ripley Under Ground,” “Ripley’s Game,” “The Boy Who Followed Ripley” and “Ripley Underwater” – to map out Ripley’s progression from con artist to serial killer.

The project is targeting a straight-to-series deal with Zaillian expected to write and direct most of the first seasons worth of episodes. Zaillian, Garrett Basch, Philipp Keel, Guymon Casady and Ben Forkner will executive produce.

Zaillian has had experience adapting literary series into notable films in the past including “Hannibal,” “Clear and Present Danger” and Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. This will mark his second TV effort, the first being HBO’s “The Night Of”.

Highsmith’s Ripley novels have adapted to the screen numerous times, the most famous being Matt Damon in Anthony Minghella’s film. John Malkovich, Barry Pepper, Alain Delon and Dennis Hopper have also played the part.

Source: Deadline