Zack Snyder Turns Illustrated

Zack Snyder (“300,” “Dawn of the Dead”) is attached to direct and produce an adaptation of the classic Ray Bradbury 1951 short story collection “The Illustrated Man” for Warner Bros. Pictures reports the trades.

“Illustrated” is a collection of eighteen unrelated stories that explore the nature of humankind and are linked by a storyteller whose tattoos come to life and tell a tale. Alex Tse (“Watchmen”) will adapt the script.

It’s unsure if any of the stories will make the film adaptation. A previous film in 1969 starring Rod Steiger included “The Veldt” about a nursery that recreates the predatorial environment of an African savannah, “The Long Rain” about astronauts on Venus rushing to find shelter before the noise of the endless rain drives them mad, and “The Last Night of the World” about a day when everyone realises the world is about to end but carries on as normal.

Two other notable stories include “The Other Foot” about a Mars colonised solely by African-Americans who want to introduce racial segregation when they learn a rocket of white travelers is coming, and “Marionettes, Inc.” about an unhappily married man planning to replace himself with a robot to fool his wife into thinking he hasn’t left and learns that she has already replaced herself with one.

Deborah Snyder, Denise Di Novi and Frank Darabont will produce. Snyder is presently in pre-production on an adaptation of the acclaimed Alan Moore graphic novel “Watchmen.”