Zack Snyder On Where “Watchmen” Goes

In the wake of the success of “300”, director Zack Snyder has become searingly hot property this week and he talked about his proposed plans for the “Watchmen” comic adaptation to Comic Book Resources:

When Is It In Production

I’m doing “Watchmen” next for sure. That’s what we’re focusing all our attention on…It’s the best thing out there. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I feel like “Watchmen” is the coolest thing ever and I have to do it.

Can It Be Made For Sub-$150 Million?: I think it can. We have ideas and I think there’s a way to do it…really, none of this is real yet. The reality is that it’s still an R rated movie, it’s an R rated super hero movie, something that’s never been tested before and no one knows what the hell that means

Tom Cruise’s Involvement: “I don’t think he’s doing it. I wish he would, but I think Tom’s busy and our schedule is making that tough. We’ve had a lot of great conversations about it and he’s a bit of a “Watchmen” fan now, but I don’t think he’ll do it.”

Costumes: A lot of what we’re doing will look exactly as it does in the book, but there are a couple of things we’ll update, like the girls. Not update in the sense that it won’t be 1985, it’ll still be 1985, but to give them a little sexier look or to update the outfits a bit. A lot of graphic novels and comic book heroes have been made into films since 1985 and despite how cool “Watchmen” is, it needs an ever so slight tweak for today’s audience.

Changes Of The Assorted Hero Designs: A little bit… I think Rorschach will look exactly as he does. Dr. Manhattan will look probably exactly as he does. Night Owl will be pretty close, but we’re trying to make him look a little scarier. Ozy I want to make just a little cooler. He’s kind of got a Luxor aesthetic and I want to have more of a realistic look. I always thought that if Ozy had Egyptian artifacts, he’d have the real thing, no repro stuff.