Zachary Levi Slams “Shazam” Detractors

When set photos showed up of Zachary Levi in his Shazam costume, there was much debate about it. Though comics accurate, it was also obviously padded in parts as basically all superhero costumes are these days – even if only for contouring in some areas.

That is part of the point of course – Shazam himself is a young teenager’s idea of a perfect masculine adult superhero which means he’s muscularly swollen beyond any reasonable physical possibility as heroes are in comic books that celebrate a hypermasculine ideal that’s not unfairly labelled juvenile.

Levi trained a bunch for the role and has been active on social media in terms of interacting with fans. Now he’s addressed criticisms concerning his costume following online reaction that has ventured into nasty territory – including a full-on article from Men’s Health which has come under fire from various circles for its sheer pettiness and body shaming.

Appearing in a video on social media, Levi addressed criticisms of his costume after one fan straightforwardly asked ‘Why the crap suit?’:

To date, no official images have been released of the costume, and so we have to to see how the suit will look in the film and in motion, and it’s not clear how much extra visual effects work will be done to it.

“Shazam!” is still a long way off though with the movie not slated to open for another year. Director David F. Sandberg had fun with fans yesterday during April Fools with the apparent release of a ‘trailer’. The result got a few laughs: