Yun-Fat Back On Red Cliff?

Now this is a right royal mess. The Associated Press reports that Chow Yun-Fat has tentatively agreed to rejoin the cast of John Woo’s “Battle of Red Cliff” according to one of its investors.

The major Chinese epic has seen all sorts of confusing casting in regards to its two leading male roles of general Zhou Yu and strategist Zhuge Liang.

Chow and Leung Chiu-wai were originally slated to play the pair respectively. Leung dropped out and was replaced by Taiwanese-Japanese heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Then Chow dropped out, citing he received the script too late, and Leung agreed to return to take Chow’s old role as Zhou.

Now Chow, who suffered much negative press from the incident, wants back in as well and has “verbally agreed to return” in a yet-to-be determined role according to China Film Group spokesman Wen Wengli.

Woo said Thursday that the shoot is going smoothly despite the casting problems, and claims of an $80 million budget is overstated.