Youtube Purges Site Of Some Adult Content

YouTube has reportedly begun purging its site of channels and videos deemed predatory or non-family friendly.

Reportedly over fifty channels and thousands of videos have been removed in the last week, and the company has implemented age restrictions on certain content – making it available only to those over age 18. In a statement on its official blog, YouTube’s Product Management VP Johanna Wright says:

“[There’s] a growing trend around content on YouTube that attempts to pass as family-friendly, but is clearly not. While some of these videos may be suitable for adults, others are completely unacceptable, so we are working to remove them from YouTube.”

Some channels with millions of subscribers and upwards of 20 billion combined views are reportedly going dark as well. Several major advertisers have pulled advertising on YouTube recently after learning of their ads running on pages favored by pedophiles.

An investigation by the UK news service The Times is believed to have sparked the advertiser uproar, even though the issue of questionable content on YouTube has been in greater discussion for some time.

Source: Deadline