Young Sherlock Star Joins “Mr. Holmes”

One film that was beloved by some children of the 1970s and 1980s was “Young Sherlock Holmes,” Barry Levinson’s 1985 feature starring 19-year-old Scottish actor Nicholas Rowe as the Baker Street Detective. In that film, the character first meets John Watson at a boarding school and together they solve a mystery.

Almost three decades later, filmmaker Bill Condon is at work on “Mr. Holmes” – a film adaptation of Mitch Cullin’s novel “A Slight Trick Of The Mind”. This take explores the other side of Holmes’ life – as a long retired 93-year-old beekeeper growing frustrated as his mental faculties have begun to fade.

The legendary Sir Ian McKellen is playing the elderly Holmes, but today Empire reports that the now 47-year-old Rowe is also onboard to cameo as Sherlock Holmes. Even more surprising, he won’t be appearing as a younger version of McKellen’s Holmes in flashback either.

You see in the 1947-set film, Holmes is famous for his life’s work – so much so that movies have been made of his life. In a scene, McKellen’s Holmes watches one of those films, and it’s in that in which Rowe appears as Sherlock Holmes in his prime.

So essentially you have an actor who previously played a teen Holmes playing an adult Holmes in a film within a film about an elderly Holmes. Rowe tells the magazine:

” I loved playing Sherlock as a young man. The character has been played by so many different and distinctive actors over the decades and clearly his stock is still high and the genre rich. Bill Condon asked me if I’d play the part of Sherlock on screen and I absolutely loved the script and enjoyed talking to Bill about my small part within it and had no doubt that I wanted to be in the film. It’s been great fun to do and I’m in very good company.”