You Only Live Twice Mr. Blofeld?

John Logan, whose working on the script for the upcoming 23rd James Bond film, has re-iterated an earlier comment of his about a potential antagonist.

WhatCulture reports that Logan attended a BAFTA Screenwriters lecture where an audience member quoted him as once saying “Bond should always fight Blofeld” a decade ago and then asked if Bond’s most famed nemesis would be back in the new film?

Logan’s answer? With a wry smile he once again said “Bond should always fight Blofeld”. Logan also said that “the production has two weeks rehearsal time scheduled into it which is unheard of in the film industry these days and even more so on a big budget action movie such as the Bond franchise.”

Rumors of the return of Blofeld or more likely the establishment of a Blofeld-like villain (due to possible legal issues with using the Blofeld name) have been swirling ever since the franchise rebooted with “Casino Royale” in 2006. The last film, “Quantum of Solace”, established a nefarious SPECTRE-style organisation named Quantum but we only saw a few of its middle men, not the person or persons running the show.

Both star Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes have indicated this will be a return to the classic Bond of both the Connery-era movies and the original Fleming books. Of course, all of this is speculation for now – Logan’s comment neither confirms nor denies anything.