Yes, They’re Making Another “Amityville”

Hannibal Classics is moving forward with “Amityville: The Legacy 3D”, a new horror feature based on the haunted house franchise.

Unlike the 2005 remake starring Ryan Reynolds, this will NOT be a new version of the story in the original Jay Anson 1997 novel “The Amityville Horror” or its famous 1979 film adaptation.

Instead, Steve B. Harris and Andrew Helm are adapting the script based on John G. Jones’ 1988 novel ‘Amityville: The Evil Escapes’, the fourth book in the series. A lot of the elements of the book were adapted for the screen before – in 1989’s “Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes” and 1992’s “Amityville: It’s About Time”.

The storyline follows Nancy and Michael Evans, a couple touched by a family tragedy when Nancy’s sister Carolyn committed suicide, leaving them to look after her kids. Moving into Carolyn’s suburban home to fix it up and then sell it, Nancy begins to sense an evil presence, the same dark force that drove her sister over the edge.

There’s the usual Amityville touches – the husband becomes obsessed, in this case renovating the house so it looks like the original Amityville one. There’s also familial tension stretched to breaking point, a swarm of flies, and a supernatural presence in the attic that killed a young priest years before and left another one scarred.

No director is yet set but the plan is to get the project filming by September in readiness for a release in October next year.