Yeoh’s “Star Trek: Discovery” Role Revealed

Following yesterday’s reveal that “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Tomorrow Never Dies” actress Michelle Yeoh is the first cast member to join CBS All Access’ “Star Trek: Discovery” series comes more details on her role.

Sadly Yeoh will NOT be playing the lead character. That role, a female Lieutenant Commander on the Starfleet vessel Discovery, is still open with CBS looking for a younger, African-American or Latina actress. Reportedly the network is not seeking a huge star and would prefer a fresh face for the part.

The casting process has spanned more than three months and the show is having difficulty settling on someone, but a handful of names have been floating around for some time.

With a fresh face in the lead role, the supporting roles are likely to be filled by more recognisable veterans. Yeoh’s role reportedly isn’t a part of the crew, rather she’s playing Captain Han Bo of the Starfleet ship Shenzhou. Yeoh’s vessel is set to play a big role in Discovery’s first season with Yeoh’s role a major recurring character throughout the season.

CBS TV Studios declined to confirm on the casting. “Star Trek: Discovery” is being distributed in 188 countries outside of the US and Canada by Netflix and the show will launch in May.

Source: Variety, Deadline