Yellowjacket In “Ant-Man” Revealed?

With the film’s shoot long wrapped and the production hassles seemingly over, it’s almost time for our first look at Marvel’s “Ant-Man” film. The Peyton Reed-directed film has a 1m 48s-long first trailer officially ready to debut, with the premiere of Marvel’s “Agent Carter” next week widely tipped to be the place where said trailer will first be shown.

We’ll likely see Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Michael Douglas as Hank Pam, and Evangeline Lilly as Pym’s daughter, however the film’s villain (played by Corey Stol)l may not show his full guise in this first trailer. Stoll plays the baddie who becomes the comic book villain ‘Yellow Jacket’.

Whatever the cast, a first look at Stoll’s black and yellow costume in the film has gone online via a movie banner posted on licensee site Aykroyd and Sons (Via CBM). Check out that artwork below: