Yelchin Was About To Make His Directing Debut

The passing of Anton Yelchin in a tragic accident earlier this week still has people in understandable shock.

Yelchin leaves behind an impressive body of work, including a major role in one of the year’s best films with the thriller “Green Room”. Now, in an interview with producers Ketih Kjarval and Gary Schultz by Indiewire, it has been revealed that Yelchin was just three weeks away from shooting his directorial debut when he passed.

Entitled “Travis,” Yelchin co-wrote the film which Kjarval describes as a: “voyeuristic crime thriller… neo-noir, very urgent in morality, like a Dardennes Brothers film.” The story follows an actor and photographer who witness a murder after he follows a girl to her apartment.

Kjarval says: “The patient exploration of the moments where we are the most human is what Anton was interested in with this film. It was a deeply personal film and I’m convinced it would have been one of many films he directed.”

Former collaborators with Yelchin such as Milla Jovovich and “Green Room” alum like Callum Turner and Alia Shawkat were onboard while Marilyn Manson was to do the score.