Yelchin Is Young Reese In Terminator

Anton Yelchin (“Charlie Bartlett”) is in negotiations to star as the post-apocalyptic warrior Kyle Reese in the upcoming fourth “Terminator” feature says The Hollywood Reporter.

Yelchin will play a teen version of Reese, the character played by Michael Biehn in the 1984 original who traveled back in time to save Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) from being killed.

He ends up fathering her son John Connor who goes on to lead humanity against Skynet’s machines and who sent Reese back in time on the mission in the first place.

The new film picks up with John Connor (Christian Bale), now in his 30s, fighting desperately to save a decimated civilization against machines that have taken control. Reese befriends Marcus (Sam Worthington), an early edition of the Terminator cyborg.

McG is helming the project and “Crash” writer/director Paul Haggis has been in talks about doing a polish on the script – much like he did for the Bond films “Casino Royale” and the upcoming “Quantum of Solace.”

Production is scheduled to start in early May for release on May 22nd 2009. Yelchin also stars as a younger version of Walter Koening’s famed Chekov role in J.J. Abrams reinvention of the “Star Trek” film franchise which opens two weeks earlier on May 8th 2009.