Years Til Downloads Match Blu-ray Quality

Have you been holding off on buying a Blu-ray player because you think some high-def streaming/download service will make the format obsolete soon? Looks like you’re in for a longer wait than you may have expected.

Studio Briefing reports that according to a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, it looks to be at least five years or more before high-definition films comparable to Blu-ray quality can be streamed to home theaters.

The reason? Three simple words – lack of infrastructure. More specifically a lack of high speed online access. The study says that though many homes are connected to video services offering high-def titles, most consumers’ broadband connections are too slow to stream HD video.

Blu-ray discs output video at an average rate of 25-35Mbps. Streaming HD video is compressed even further so it requires a connection of 18-20Mbps to operate at full quality.

Unfortunately the average broadband subscriber’s connection presently sits somewhere around 2.5Mbps.