Yates, Ratner, Jackson Up For “Hobbit”

Since director Guillermo del Toro’s departure, speculation about the still far off film adaptations of the Tolkien classic has reached near-hysteria. Even the smallest comments or rumours have found themselves spreading like a flu pandemic across not just geek sites but legit commercial media outlets.

In the past day, /Film posted the interesting rumor that David Yates (“Harry Potter” 5-7) was the studio’s top choice to take the directing reigns. A few hours later Deadline said Yates along with David Dobkin and Brett Ratner are all potential contenders, but Warners and MGM are heavily pushing to get Peter Jackson back behind the camera.

Meanwhile del Toro has done a smart thing about the growing speculation as to what project he’ll take on next by announcing the date of his announcement. On his site, the helmer says he’ll reveal his next directorial effort during the San Diego Comic Con in July and not before.

The news hasn’t stopped the online discussions, but it seems to have cooled them down to the point that most are now just talking about what film they want to see him work on. My dream? His long-anticipated Lovecraft adaptation ‘At the Mountains of Madness’.