Y: The Last Man Film Scrapped Again?

Commercials director Dan Trachtenberg is set to make his feature debut on the low-budget thriller “Valencia” for Bad Robot and Paramount Insurge. Filming begins this Fall.

Set mostly in an underground cellar, a teenage girl wakes up there after a car accident. A caretaker tells her a nuclear attack has devastated society and forces her to stay inside. She begins to plan her escape.

Dan Casey penned the most recent draft of the script which originated with Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken.

Trachtenberg has been attached to several movies over the past few years, most notably the adaptation of the acclaimed comic “Y: The Last Man”.

That film has to get into production within the next few months or the rights revert back and the project has to be setup all over again somewhere else.

With Trachtenberg now committed to “Valencia” as his first film, it’s likely a ‘Y’ film is still many years away.

Source: The Wrap