Xena: Warrior Princess Reboot Planned

Lucy Lawless expressed interest in the idea at Comic Con last week, and today comes word that NBC Universal International is exploring a reboot of beloved action-adventure series “Xena: Warrior Princess” says THR.

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, who created and served as executive producers on the original show, are reportedly said to be currently searching for a writer for the project which is in extremely early development stages and is being dubbed a “modern reboot”.

It’s unclear what role original star Lawless would have in the project though its indicated she’s being sought for both on and offscreen roles in the new series. The plan is for a “sophisticated and smart superhero for a new generation” and will likely be an ongoing series as opposed to an event series revival (ala “The X-Files,” “24”) with the first season to premiere next year.

Beginning life as a spin-off to “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” “Xena” ended up eclipsing that series in popularity and became both a cult favorite and ratings hit with Lawless herself becoming an overnight icon. Lawless played Xena, an Amazon warrior seeking redemption for her dark past with the help of her trusted companion Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor).

Blending ancient mythology and history with high fantasy and comedy, the series included characters like the full pantheon of Greek Gods and famous historical figures like Julius Caesar, along with notable recurring guest stars like Bruce Campbell, Karl Urban, Marton Csokas and Jay Laga’aia. Shot in New Zealand, it ran from 1995 through to 2001.

Lawless, Raimi and Tapert subsequently worked together on Starz’s “Spartacus” series and the upcoming “Ash vs. Evil Dead”.

UPDATE: Lawless has put some damper on the reports, saying the talk is mostly just a rumor at this stage,

Source: The Live Feed