Xbox Timed Exclusives and RAM Issues

Timed Exclusivity
Two of the most impressive games of Microsoft’s E3 launch now look to be not the true exclusives once thought.

Capybara Games, developers of the indie title “Below”, confirm that the title’s exclusivity on Xbox One is only a timed one. The game will eventually be released on other platforms, though no word as yet regarding when that would happen.

Meanwhile, Respawn Entertainment’s founder Vince Zampella says the well-regarded shooter “Titanfall” will be an Xbox One, 360, and PC exclusive “at launch”. Quizzed if it will come to other platforms, he couldn’t confirm or deny it.

Xbox One
Despite rumors, a rep for Microsoft has confirmed that it will NOT be pushing up the RAM size of the XB1 to 12Gb. It is sticking with the already planned 8Gb of DDR3 Ram.

It has also been confirmed that an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required to use some of the consoles key features including Skype, the game DVR, and the social media video game sharing functions. In comparison, Sony’s worldwide studio boss Shuhei Yoshida says there will be no need for a Playstation Plus subscription to do the same on the PS4.

Also scoring much talk over the past few days has been a video showcasing Microsoft’s Director of Programming Larry Hyrb unbox one of the first twenty systems ready for retail.