Xbox Plans Scarlett Cloud Streaming Box?

Xbox Plans Scarlett Cloud Streaming Box

A new report indicates that while Microsoft is still intending to build a traditional console for its next generation of Xbox, the company is also looking into building a smaller ‘streaming box’ device designed to work with Microsoft’s new cloud platform service Scarlett Cloud.

The platform will offer a game streaming service in lieu of traditional game media. The console would use a limited amount of local computing power to do some of the heavy lifting combined with the streaming game service data.

The aim is essentially to have a ‘slice’ of the game running locally and thus potentially fix the latency and processing power issues that come with game streaming. The box will also reportedly be much cheaper than standard consoles and all Scarlett games would also run on any Scarlett-enabled devices, with no preferential treatment of one over the other.

Source: Thurrott (via Variety)