Xbox One Users Banned For Swearing

If there’s one thing multiplayer gaming is synonymous with, it’s trolls. Swearing, racist, homophobic insults are part and parcel of the competitive multiplayer experience, while even profanity-laden uploaded gameplay recordings are becoming subject to it.

Microsoft is now taking to task the people who do the latter. The Verge reports that MS has been temporarily banning Xbox One users after they allegedly uploaded videos laced with excessive profanity.

The new console uses a software to upload game recordings called Upload Studio. In a statement, Microsoft says that profanity in these videos violates the code of conduct for its Xbox Live service:

“We take code of conduct moderation via Upload Studio very seriously. We want a clean, safe, and fun environment for all users. Excessive profanity as well as other code of conduct violations will be enforced upon and result in suspension of some or all privileges on Xbox Live. We remain committed to preserving and promoting a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all of our Xbox Live members.”

The knock on effect is that the Gold account suspensions block the user from various services – multiplayer, game uploading and Skype amongst other things. However, the bans are short lived – 24 hours in one reddit user’s case.

Like Sony’s PS4 with its ‘Blue Pulse of Death’, Microsoft’s new console has also been dealing with some first week problems – one of which is common enough to have already earned a nickname – the ‘Green Screen of Death’.

In those cases, the system is not booting past the initial green logo screen. Yet, like the Sony problems, the incidence of the problem has been over-exaggerated by the Internet.

In happier news, Microsoft has posted online an extended look at the games that are coming to the console. It’s a video montage first shown at last week’s Xbox One launch party.

The clip features console exclusives like the next “Halo,” “Titanfall,” “Quantum Break,” “Fable Legends,” “Project Spark,” “Sunset Overdrive” and “Kinect Sports Rivals,” along with third-party titles like “Watch Dogs,” “The Witcher III,” “The Division,” “Final Fantasy XV,” “The Elder Scrolls: Online,” “Kingdom Hearts III,” “UFC,” “Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes” and “Dying Light”.