Xbox One Sells Over 1M Units Globally

Microsoft have announced that they have successfully sold over one million Xbox One consoles across 13 countries in 24 hours. It is described as the biggest launch in Xbox history, setting a new sales record for the company.

What hasn’t been revealed is the North American only sales figures. Main rival Sony unleashed the Playstation 4 only in the North America last week where it sold over one million consoles in one day. The rest of the world gets that console next week.

Reviews for the XB1 have been strong, matching that of the PS4 and in some cases exceeding it. While the biggest complaint in PS4 reviews was the lack of a solid launch game line-up, the main complaint in XB1 reviews has been the issues with the Kinect and voice control of the machine. The ‘Snap’ function is highly praised, but the voice control is said to have proven quite buggy and has issues of its own which future software updates will have to iron out.

Like the PS4, the launch has also been colored by reports of faults. While that console’s errors have been more random, the majority of the complaints with the XB1 are about a faulty and or broken optical disc drive. However, like the Sony faults, the actual number of people affected is said to be very minor.

The exclusive launch game line-up certainly looked more impressive than the PS4 on paper, in actual Metacritic scores though it has proven almost equally disappointing. “Crimson Dragon” pulled in a mere 55/100, indie game “LocoCycle” scored a woeful 48/100, the high-profile “Ryse: Son of Rome” has been trashed with 60/100, and the fighting game “Killer Instinct” scored a soft 73/100.

Only two games fared well critics – “Dead Rising 3” with 78/100, and “Forza Motorsport 5” with 82/100. Both scored higher than rival PS4’s “Killzone: Shadow Fall” at 73/100, but below “Resogun” at 83/100.

Source: Microsoft