Xbox One Gets Booed At EVO Event

EVO Tournament
The fanboy war turned a little nasty last week at this year’s EVO tournament. Reps from Double Helix and Mad Catz turned up to show off some footage and accessories for the fighting game “Killer Instinct”.

What’s making headlines today is that when the two reps mentioned the game was exclusive for Xbox One, the crowd audibly turned on them with a round of unexpectedly vocal booing.

Family Sharing
In better news, a Microsoft rep indicates that the “family members sharing feature” of the Xbox One might make a comeback on the console at a later date.

The feature, allowing one game to be shared by up to ten family members, was one of several that seemed to have dropped by the wayside with the removal of the always online and DRM restrictions following a major public outcry.

Kinect Cost
A thread on Reddit, started by an Xbox One operating system developer who has since been confirmed legitimate, has revealed that Microsoft’s new mandatory Kinect peripheral costs almost as much as the Xbox One console itself to manufacture.

This will reportedly also make it more difficult for Microsoft to reduce the cost of the XB1 in the years after its launch.

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