Xbox Circles Back To A Game Streaming Service

Debate still rages about the winnowing of the single player gaming experience in favor of ‘games as a service’, sacrificing a type of play for one which is focused more on sustained and large economic revenue generation.

Microsoft wants to get in on that action even more though, with a new report at Bloomberg revealing that Xbox chief Phil Spencer wants to launch a streaming service for the Xbox brand that will enable Xbox gamers to play games through an online Azure-powered service.

This would allow players to access a games library without having to own the actual console and follows right on the heels of Microsoft having just launched the $500 Xbox One X to softly positive reviews.

Microsoft reportedly had plans for this service five years ago, but the lack of broadband coverage and setup costs at the time made it untenable. Since then, Azure has become a more stable platform and broadband is more ubiquitous so they plan to try again.

The company will keep the dedicated home console in its line-up, but the plan is to introduce the streaming service by 2020. Sony already has a service like this operating, PlayStation Now, which has suffered complaints of a limited game selection, over-pricing, and quality control.