Xavier Dolan Won’t Take Next Film To Cannes

Young French Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan has used the Cannes Film Festival as a launching pad for his career with all but one of his movies premiering on the Croisette over the years. The reception has often been warm, until this year when his “It’s Only The End Of The World” premiered to mixed reviews.

Even so, it was thought Dolan would return to Cannes next year with his next and most star-studded film – “The Death And Life Of John F. Donovan”. That is likely no longer the case he tells The Montreal Gazette as he thinks the film will be misunderstood:

“I don’t think I’d present a film like this at Cannes. It’s a film about an American TV star who is framed by the American media system. There are bits in it that are so much like what I lived in Cannes, and I’m afraid that people would think it’s my revenge project. Except that I wrote it five years ago (with Jacob Tierney).”

There’s also the issue of the production itself. Filming was originally scheduled to wrap in November, but production after having started this summer will soon go on hiatus and resume next spring.

Jessica Chastain, Kit Harington, Taylor Kitsch, Kathy Bates, Susan Sarandon, Natalie Portman, Nicholas Hoult, and Thandie Newton all star in the film about an American TV star in his late 20s whose pen-pal relationship with a young actor-to-be is misinterpreted when it is publicly exposed.

No U.S. distributor is lined up to release Dolan’s “It’s Only The End Of The World” as yet.