X-Men Trailer Soon, Quicksilver Explanation

20th Century Fox has announced that the third and final trailer for “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is slated to premiere Tuesday, April 15th over on the Youtube Channel X-MenMovies. No specific time of day has been set.

A new photo has also been released of Evan Peters as Quicksilver showing off his ability to run up and across walls. Producer Simon Kinberg reveals to EW that the character is only a minor one here and his whole storyline is essentially a few scenes in which he uses his skills to help break Magneto out of prison.

In terms of the character’s conception, Kinberg says: “The way we conceived him is a sort of an ADD kid. Everything he does is just popping and zipping around. He doesn’t take anything seriously. He’s not in a situation for more than a few seconds. So it infused the movie with an energy that was really useful for us.”

The other element the character is famous for in the comics is that Magneto is his dad. That element will get teased: “Quicksilver is Magneto’s son in the comics and there may be an allusion to it in the movie, but it’s not something we fully explore yet.”