X-Men Producer On Continuity Adjustments

With the time-traveling events of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” having essentially re-written the entire original “X-Men” trilogy, does anything that happened in those films still count? Well, sort of.

In a recent fan Q&A session for Yahoo! Movies ahead of the film’s home video release, executive producer and writer Simon Kinberg explained it thus:

“We certainly re-write some of the history of [X-Men: The Last Stand] and [X-Men: Origins – Wolverine]. One of the things we talk about in ‘Days of Future Past’ is that you can change the future, it’s like a stream that moves in one direction – you can create a new ripple in it, but you certainly don’t change the current.

What we did in Days of Future Past changed some things, but like you see of the film, they end up back in the mansion in the future, so most of the current continued in the same direction, so most of the things you see in [the earlier films] still happened but with slight adjustments.”

Kinberg also says he’s the one to blame for Anna Paquin’s scenes in ‘Days of Future Past’ bang cut:

“In a movie that had a ton of plots and a ton of characters to service, the Rogue plot – as you will probably eventually see – was a subplot, it was a deviation from the main story of the movie, and as much as we loved it when we saw it, anything that took you away from the main spine, the main story of the film, we had to cut… If it’s anybody’s fault, it was mine, because I shouldn’t have written it that way, I should’ve integrated her into the main story.”

Kinberg confirms the upcoming Bryan Singer-directed “X-Men: Apocalypse” really follows the stories of the ‘First Class’ cast and “the others of that generation of X-Men”. Asked if some of the previous trilogy’s characters would have the be re-cast with younger versions for the 1980s-set film, Kinberg says:

“If we included some of the original X-Men, like Storm, Jean, Scott, and others, yeah we would have to recast them, because Apocalypse takes place a good twenty years before ‘X1’ which now insanely was fifteen years ago. It would be very hard to do.

Halle, Famke, and Jimmy, and others have done such wonderful jobs of bringing those characters to life and they’re so identified, those actors, with the parts now. So it would be a tall task, but I also would have said before ‘First Class’ there would be no way we could find actors who could stand alongside Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, and I think we managed to with Michael and James finding their own interpretation of the characters, not doing an impersonation. So, are we going to have to recast? If some of those characters were in the movie we would, but we’ll see.

“X-Men Apocalypse” is expected to head into production in the Spring ahead of a Summer 2016 release.