X-Men New Photos, Future Villain Idea

More details have emerged about “X-Men: Apocalypse” from the latest issue of Empire magazine.

The piece confirms that there’s a sequence revolving around Mystique, Beast, Quicksilver, and Moira MacTaggert who are being held by the Weapon X project:

“The quartet have been kidnapped by army twonk William Stryker following a cataclysmic event at the X-Mansion, and wake up in a holding cell. On a balcony above them, Stryker taunts his prisoners, demanding to know the whereabouts of Magneto.”

In their new interview with director Bryan Singer, the filmmaker was asked how Wolverine factors into the action to which he says: “As a central character, he didn’t fit into this particular story.”

Talk also turned to the future of the franchise, Singer saying he’s taking a break now as opposed to leaving it: “Abandoning the franchise is not something I think about. But I could not roll into another X-Men movie tomorrow. And I hope not to. I hope to take a break.”

If he were to return, what villain would he like to use? Surprisingly not Mr. Sinister as some have suggestd, but rather: “I’d love to use Proteus somehow. There’s a lot visually you could do with a character like that.”

There’s also a bunch of scans from the magazine which you can see below: