X-Men Gets A Beast & A Magneto?

Confirming an “X-Men: First Class” story that emerged last week, 20th Century Fox has formally offered the role of Magneto to rising Irish actor Michael Fassbender reports Deadline

According to the site, Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds,” “Hunger”) was offered the role today after a reading last week. That reading included actors Aaron Johnson, Andrew Garfield, Jack Huston and Eddie Redmayne.

Also today actor Ben Walker (“Flags of Our Fathers,” ‘Kinsey”) has been linked to the project as playing the young Hank McCoy/Beast, however this report claims it’s for a different (and as yet unspecified) role. Rosamund Pike and Amber Heard were recently linked as well, but the only official casting announcement thus far has been James McAvoy as Professor X.