X-Men: First Class Trailer Confusion

The online film site world has been going a bit insane this past week posting up all sorts of variations of “X-Men: First Class” international teaser trailers that have been appearing. At last count at least six different versions exist or have been linked to recently.

All the variations usually contained only one or two new shots added onto the first international teaser released a while back, leading to even fans probably feeling burned out to some extent.

It’s unfortunate as that took away enthusiasm for the launch of the domestic full-length trailer yesterday, which is a shame as that trailer sported a lot of new footage and worked great.

When word came today of yet another international version having hit, the seventh iteration, I myself had little interest in linking to or mentioning yet another clone. The good news is, it’s not.

Clocking in at 2min 48sec, this is the full-length international trailer which shares many scenes with yesterday’s domestic trailer but makes some edits and adds in about 30 seconds of new footage – mostly stuff with the human characters in the film played by actors like Ray Wise, Michael Ironside and Oliver Platt.