X-Men Blueprints, Rogue Was In Wolverine?

Did you know that Anna Paquin’s Rogue character was originally going to be in “The Wolverine”?

Talking about the film at length with Creative Screenwriting, writer Mark Bomback was asked about other characters from the previous films, aside from Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey, popping up in earlier versions of the script:

“I was trying to do something with Rogue in the script. I even had a set of ideas that the old man possessed a version of Rogue’s power and that was going to be indicated by a white stripe in his hair.

Eventually it became very goofy, and I threw it out because I started realizing throughout the script that it became more problematic than cool. it’s no accident to me that in the first X-Men film the first two mutants that you really see who have a connection are Wolverine and Rogue.

There’s something special between them, so I was trying to bring Rogue into it, but it just didn’t get there. I regretted there wasn’t a way to figure it out, but when I look at the film now, it would have stuck out if we tried to shoehorn her in there just because it was another character from the universe.”

Meanwhile, the official Twitter feed of Fox’s “X-Men” film franchise has posted a blueprint of Trask Industries’ mutant-hunting Sentinel robots which will be seen in the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.