X-Files Revival Animated Teaser, NYCC Talk

Creator Chris Carter and actor David Duchovny were on hand at New York Comic Con on Saturday to promote the upcoming, highly anticipated six-episode event series revival of “The X-Files” where the first episode entitled ‘My Struggle’ was screened.

Though they did a panel for the public, they also did some further interviews after the event which are now going online. One over at TV Line reveals that the series was almost set to get a seventh episode at one point.

Carter revealed that the episode, which was a stand alone story, didn’t happen due to scheduling conflicts. He won’t go into details about it though as it could well be saved for another season if it goes ahead:

“It was almost about to happen. We were planning for it. The script was written. I even called people to find out if they were available to direct, and it just didn’t happen. I created an opportunity for two writers that I am close with to write a spec script. If there are more X-Files to be made, certainly it will be one of those.”

Duchovny has experessed a desire to return as Fox Mulder for another season, so long as said season adopts a similar limited episode count as opposed to a full network twenty-episode season. Fox hasn’t confirmed whether it will move forward with another beyond the upcoming revival, but did release a new animated promo for the series today which you can see below:

One notable absentee at New York Comic Con though was actress and co-star Gillian Anderson. Anderson had a good excuse, the actress was in India filming “Viceroy’s House” in which she plays Lady Mountbatten. She did shoot a fun video message for fans though, complete in posh British accent, which has now gone online.