X-Files Reboot, “24” Movie Still Possibilities

With “24: Live Another Day” having wrapped up, the question becomes what lies ahead for Jack Bauer. Appearing at this year’s Comic-Con, star Kiefer Sutherland and director/executive producer Jon Cassar spoke about the upcoming Blu-ray box set for ‘Live’ and the pair revealed the possibility of a “24” movie is still in play. Cassar says “The question is just when… We’re still talking about it.”

Sutherland was asked about the recent season’s ending: “We went through so many ideas for that ending. On some level we copped out because on some level it is hard to end it. We talked about that maybe for the DVD, we’ll have Jack take out a hand grenade and blow the Russian helicopter up – we’d never had that kind of freedom before.”

Speaking of other Fox shows potentially jumping to the big screen, “The X-Files” creator Chris Carter was recently asked by Vulture as to the chances of a reboot of the spooky franchise now that the FOX network is being headed up by 20th Century Fox TV execs who helped produce the series.

Carter says chairman Dana Walden played a part in the original “The X-Files” getting made and when asked about reboot possibilities, he says: “She was there at the beginning. So I owe her a lot. And certainly she and I have talked a lot about this… That’s just a way of saying there certainly have been conversations.”