X-Files Novels Follow Teen Mulder & Scully

Even though FOX’s TV series has pretty much followed their relationship from their first meeting together, a new young adult novel series based on “The X-Files” is going even further back in the lives of FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

EW reports that “The X-Files Origins” is the series moniker by which a series of young adult prequel novels are being penned which will explore the separate lives of the two characters back in their teenage years.

In the TV series we learned Scully was a promising doctor from a military family who had various issues of faith throughout her life. Mulder of course was a kid whose existence was changed when his sister was apparently abducted by aliens.

The first novel is Kami Garcia’s “Agent of Chaos” which follows a 17-year old Mulder, the second is Jonathan Maberry’s “Devil’s Advocate” which follows a 15-year old Scully. Both books, which hit shelves January next year, are set in Spring 1979 and covers life-changing events that set them on the path to becoming FBI agents.