X-Files Early Reviews, Kimmel Sex Sketch

Reviews are out for the premiere episode of the upcoming six episode revival of “The X-Files” and sadly the early word from the critics isn’t good.

Variety says there’s “a palatable feeling that everyone is just going through the motions… a prevailing malaise” and in particular criticises a long winded monologue from Duchovny’s character. THR says straight up “it’s not very good” but adds “there’s still hope left in the room that the five episodes to follow will be good”.

Indiewire also was unhappy with the releasing of only the premiere, saying: “After one hour, I seem stuck in a strange place of wishing there were more episodes coming – giving them more time to work out the kinks – and wishing we would’ve never awoken this massive beast at all. While things could get better, they could also get a lot worse.”

In more hopeful and amusing news, “X-Files” fan Jimmy Kimmel did a parody with Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) on his show last night where he manages to convince the characters to finally have sex. Check out that clip below, and “The X-Files” returns Sunday January 24th.