X-Files Close To A Limited Series Revival?

There’s been talk of an “X-Files” TV revival for some time now, and it appears all that discussion is coalescing into something more solid.

In January, Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman revealed that creator Chris Carter was in talks with the network for a new run of the show. On top of that, original stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are onboard.

Today, TV Wise reports that Fox TV is close to giving an official green-light to a revival of the series after having settles on a ‘short-stack’ order, basically a limited event series like “24: Live Another Day”.

The exact number of episodes has yet to be determined, though it certainly seems to be under ten episodes and could be as few as six. This would also get around the scheduling issues with the actors such as Duchovny with NBC’s “Aquarius” and Anderson in both The BBC’s “The Fall” and NBC’s “Hannibal”.