WWZ, “Bodies,” “Les Mis” Trailers Online

It’s titled “World War Z,” but the first trailer for Marc Forster’s film adaptation seemingly has no real relation to the book on which it is based other than the title and the global scale of the event.

In fact a much closer comparison is a Roland Emmerich film, “The Dead After Tomorrow” perhaps. The heavily CG zombie tsunami effect will divide people, but this looks like one of the biggest and certainly one of the most expensive zombie films ever made.

For a different take on the undead there’s this fun trailer for “Warm Bodies”, a zombie comedy with both romantic and action elements.

Finally comes the impressive and stirring 2.5 minute UK trailer for Tom Hopper’s “Les Miserables” which has snuck online. The preview includes much of the main cast singing, even Russell Crowe whose voice sounds stronger than expected.

We also get a good idea of how Hopper’s technique of recording the vocal performances live on set rather than in a studio has played out – and the result is good.