Writers Talk “Captain America” Sequel Plans

In an interview with MTV News, “Captain America: The First Avenger” screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have discussed their work on a sequel to that potential hit comic adaptation should it succeed at the box-office in July.

Due to the prequel setting of the first film, they had “the easiest jobs in terms of interweaving the universe of Marvel movies” as they didn’t have to pick up the threads from the other films. With the sequel however, where they set the action will depend a lot upon the audience response as they can apparently consider both sticking to the World War II adventures or continuing with the Captain in the post-“Avengers” contemporary setting.

“We’re very early, still. This is the fun part – when we can say, “Hey, we can do this!” and everyone says, “Yeah!” No one says anything negative at this point in the process” says Markus. “We have a million great ideas and haven’t thrown any of them out yet. That being said, it’s sort of a weirdly huge opportunity for storytelling in that you know modern Cap through the Avengers at that point, and just by the nature of what we were talking about before, there’s going to be a lot of his World War II history we haven’t shown. We’re going to have two entire timelines to play with.

McFeely added “I wonder if the reaction to [“The First Avenger”] will steer us in some way. First, if it does well… Then, if it does well and people embrace the World War II aspect of it, maybe there’s pressure to return there in a large way. But if they don’t embrace that aspect and just love Chris Evans as Steve, maybe there’s less pressure to do that – you can just keep him in the Avengers universe.”

McFeely also says he doesn’t envy “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black as he “is the one with the first burden. He’s the one who has to handle the first post-“Avengers” movie”.