Writer’s Room Planned For “Matrix” Reboot

Many are still in shock over the announcement this week that Warner Bros. Pictures is pursuing a reboot of “The Matrix” franchise and have hired Zak Penn to write a treatment.

Still in very early stages of development, the only actor do far rumored for the project is Michael B. Jordan. Now another report at Deadline indicates Warners is planning a writers room to come up with ideas for a cinematic universe, a report that hasn’t been confirmed by the studio.

If true it would mark the latest franchise to employ the writers room idea following “Transformers,” “Avatar,” Hasbro and other properties. The concept is similar to a TV show production in that a group of acclaimed scribes come together to plan out the future of a franchise including direct sequels, spin-offs and beyond.

Certainly it’s not clear if this will be a straight reboot, or something more akin to “Rogue One” in that it will fit into canon but be a standalone tale with links back to the original. It also still hasn’t been confirmed if the original trilogy’s directors, the Wachowski siblings, will be involved in the new “The Matrix” project.