Writer’s Block: Water, Brothers, Rose

“”Bourne” series producer Andrew R. Tennenbaum has optioned Sara Gruen’s Depression-era circus novel “Water for Elephants”. Leonard Hartman will script the adaptation which follows a veterinary student at Cornell when his parents die in a car accident. He drops out and joins a second-rate traveling circus trying to survive during the Depression…” (full details)

“Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment have set John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (“Blades of Glory”) to write “Brothers of Invention.” The story follows a TV psychologist discovers that his recurring dreams are repressed memories, which leads him to discover a twisted family he never knew about…” (full details)

“Warner Bros. has landed the rights to “First Blood” author David Morrell’s espionage thriller “The Brotherhood of the Rose” previously developed into a Robert Mitchum-led 1989 NBC mini-series. The story centers on two orphans raised by a CIA operative to be assassins, only to become targets themselves…” (full details)